Terms and Conditions

Metropolitan Insulation Services makes every attempt to communicate with its customers with no frills and utilises plain English to the best of its endeavours.

Limited Company and Trading style

Metropolitan Insulation Services is a trading style of Richmond Refurbishments Ltd (RRL) whose registered address is: 1A “THE MOORINGS” DANE ROAD INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, SALE M33 7BH. RRL is registered in in England and Wales; number 07081639.

Trading Activities

RRL is engaged in the supply and fit of sound and thermal insulation and associated services and operates throughout The UK. RRL provides services for both domestic and commercial applications.

Payment Terms

RRL operates a strict payment terms policy. Most work carried out is of a one-off nature with a bespoke solution. Accordingly, payment terms reflect the short-term nature of a typical customer.

RRL offers two options for standard payment terms as a routine:

  • 50% of the whole contract price including VAT is payable on acceptance of a written quotation. The remaining 50% is then payable upon completion and client sign off.
  • 100% of the whole contract price including VAT is payable in advance on acceptance of a written quotation less 5% of the net (of VAT) contract price. The 5% represents a discount as an incentive for pre-payment.

Payment terms that fall out-with standard terms apply only when regular recurring business is being considered. Terms on this basis are by negotiation after credit checks have been undertaken and are tailored according to credit risk. Where such terms are considered and negotiated, the first of such payments are taken on standard terms in any event.

Where survey fees have been taken, prior to work being accepted, these fees are reimbursed in the subsequent invoicing.

Guarantees & Warranties

RRL offers bespoke solutions; no two jobs are the same. As the nature of any building is unique RRL cannot offer performance guarantees. RRL will however work with its best endeavour to deliver the best possible result.

In so doing, RRL will from time to time deploy products that carry certain performance guarantees or warranties. For the avoidance of doubt, RRL is not responsible for such guarantees or warranties and in accepting RRL’s quotation, the customer will not rely on RRL for the performance of any such guarantee or warranty.

What happens if payment is not made for services rendered

RRL will not commence works until the payment terms have been met. Where a balancing payment is not paid, RRL will look to establish why:

  1. Is the customer unable to pay?
  2. Is the customer unhappy to pay through dissatisfaction.

Where the customer is not able to pay, RRL will act responsibly and fairly in recovering its debts. For the avoidance of doubt, RRL will pursue a debt through the English courts where a customer acts unreasonably when unable to pay.

Where a customer is unhappy to pay through dissatisfaction, RRL will make every effort to rectify a position of dissatisfaction in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Where a dispute arises, for the avoidance of doubt, both RRL and the customer will rely on the English courts. Any agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with English law.