Shed Insulation

Metropolitan Insulation have a long established history of insulating sheds, outhouses, garages and free standing buildings.

Whether your issue is acoustic or thermal we can provide a solution. You might have a simple condensation issue or want to utilise a building for use as a workshop.

We can provide closed cell thermal insulation to give long term permanent solution. Tough, durable and long lasting closed cell gives you the perfect result every time.

We can apply to profile, corrugation and any substrate. So in most cases we can carry out the insulation.

We also can give you advice, design and build soundproofing for your garage/shed.

Whether you want to create a drum room or a testing chamber, we have the products and skills to deliver an effective result.

Both you and your neighbours will be happy with the outcome. Sound testing is also part of the service we offer.

With Metropolitan we give you the best acoustic/thermal solutions available, our case studies and reviews speak for themselves.