Hardcore Solutions for Sound

If your having problems with impact and airborne sound, then call Metropolitan Insulation Services today.

Our solutions are structured to help you reduce the sound within your home. We utilise all the space that is available, thus meaning that there is no loss in height in your living area. Here at Metropolitan Insulation Services, we use all of our own services, including carpentry, electrical and plumbing.

Metropolitan Insulation Services utilise every section of available space to install our solutions into your home. We take the space behind your walls, floors and ceilings so that space from the living is spared.

We use hardcore in fills, resilient bars, and isolation to reduce the flanking, and with Metropolitan Insulation Services, this can be achieved with minimal loss.

If using the space behind the walls, ceilings and floors becomes an issue then Metropolitan Insulation Services will give you suitable and honest alternatives for the work that you wanted us to undertake. We'll also evaluate what you can expect from the alternatives that we offer.

Metropolitan Insulation Services aim to provide our customer with a complete supply and fit service. We'll do the whole job ourselves, which in turn creates no hassle and most importantly, no sub contractors. We finish the job that we start with complete design and build, supply and installation.

Metropolitan Insulation Services provide excellent service, reliability and a clean finish to the project. Please feel free to contact us on enquiries@metropolitaninsulation.co.uk, or contact us via phone on 0800 028 4042.