Corporate Soundproofing London

Expert corporate soundproofing London

Metropolitan Insulation Services is a leading provider of corporate soundproofing London.

We assist numerous commercial customers in tackling common noise pollution problems ranging from unwanted noise penetrating the office environment to industrial noise emissions or mechanical noise.

We also offer vast experience in helping professionals attain approved Document E regulations that became legal in 2003. These are particularly pertinent in new builds or conversions of predominately timber floored constructions.

In commercial building or conversion scenarios, architects, specifiers and local authorities find Regulation E problematic.

We are here to advise on the right products to install to achieve appropriate soundproofing and achieve the regulations. Erring on the side of caution may be an expensive route to take, particularly when budgets are often under great pressure too.

Our corporate soundproofing London makes budgets go further and delivers effective acoustic protection – by levels up to 25dB.

Capital’s corporate soundproofing London clients span all sectors of business. We have the capability and capacity to tackle acoustic control challenges of all complexities and sizes.

One of our most popular techniques is to use sound absorbing spray foam that prevents noise entering or escaping. This absorbs 50% of sound energy transmitted through air and also enhances thermal insulation performance.

The benefits of sound absorbing spray foam

  • No noxious fumes or toxicity
  • Ideal for people with allergies and respiratory difficulties (such as asthma)
  • No shrinkage or slipping
  • Does not provide a food source for bacteria, insects, vermin or fungi
  • Prevents mould by minimising condensation
  • Environmentally friendly

Besides acoustic sound absorbing foams we can also supply and fit sound barrier mats, resilient insulation for floating floors, acoustic insulation for party walls/separating walls, acoustic tiles (walls and ceilings), class C sound absorbers, sound absorbing diffusers, sound screens, acoustic absorbers... bringing robust acoustic control for all corporate soundproofing London applications.

The Metropolitan Insulation Services team is committed to offering premium wall insulation, floor insulation and ceiling insulation services across London and the South. We guarantee the lowest prices and will be pleased to beat any competitor quoting on a like for like basis.

We do not sub-contract, are fully insured, provide comprehensive guarantees and use British Standards materials. All work is provided to exacting standards and we are dedicated to service delivery and offering added value wherever possible. If you need corporate soundproofing London, click through to our site to find out more or please contact us to discuss your requirements.