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Eco Green Sprayfoam – Future Proof Loft Insulation for Your Home

In a world where an emphasis on Green and Eco credentials is paramount, Metropolitan Insulation offers you the finest LOFT INSULATION product available.

Future Proof your Loft Space

Metropolitan Insulation provides you with an Eco solution not just for now but long into the future. With ECO-GREEN Sprayfoam for your LOFT from Metropolitan Insulation, not only will you have a warmer home, in addition you will be reducing your carbon footprint and saving money.

Stay warm, stay safe

In creating a warmer environment for your family Metropolitan Insulation offers a low-density open cell solution that provides a breathable, airtight product just like skin. Furthermore, it complies with all Building Regulations and carries full BBA and Fire Certifications.

The features & benefits of installing low-density open cell sprayfoam insulation in your Loft

Feature Benefit To You
Eco Green Sprayfoam is A WARM ROOF SOLUTION. Your WARM ROOF SOLUTION ELIMINATES the need for DIRTY, ITCHY and long OUTDATED fibreglass or mineral wool that has been around since 1948.
Outdated mineral wool or fibreglass takes up space (300mm) which takes away the ability to use the loft floor and is REPLACED with highly efficient ECO GREEN sprayfoam. YOU CAN USE YOUR LOFT SPACE.
25 year product warranty. Total peace of mind.
B.B.A. certified and Fire Rated. Certified and accredited product that is safe.
Tested by THE ENERGY CONSULTING GROUP LTD and assessed to deliver 45% heat savings. Saves you money and allows you to evenly distribute heat throughout your home.
Reduces airborne and road noise. Promotes a calm environment inside your home.
99% reduction in your carbon footprint compared to alternatives. Improves your Energy rating.

Applying Sprayfoam insulation to your LOFT - the detail

Low density open cell sprayfoam insulation is applied onto a *breathable membrane; not onto tiles or slates.

* Metropolitan Insulation will install a breathable membrane if needed.

The breathable membrane provides separation between the roof and the Eco Green sprayfoam insulation and so an air gap is created.

Maintenance friendly

  • ECO GREEN Sprayfoam is a PERMANENT solution, you’ll never need to consider loft insulation again.
  • ECO GREEN sprayfoam is separated from the roof tiles by a breathable membrane – you will be able to replace tiles without fear of disturbing the insulation.

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  • Eliminate the need for DIRTY, ITCHY, OUTDATED fibreglass or mineral wool.
  • Make your home loft space useable.
  • Reduce inside noise in your home.

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What people say about loft insulation from Metropolitan Insulation

"My loft is now perfectly insulated and the heat loss cut down completely and I am looking forward to not only being warm this winter but also having lower fuel bills."

I wanted to write to thank you for the excellent service you have given me.

When you mentioned about the EU subsidy for insulation I realised it was time to act and i did quickly and you managed to move equally quickly. Within days of me asking about getting insulation for my loft you come and inspected and gave me a price and the job was then completed without any problems or mess within a shorter timescale than you originally quoted, less than 3 weeks from beginning to end.

My loft is now perfectly insulated and the heat loss cut down completely and I am looking forward to not only being warm this winter but also having lower fuel bills.

I would not hesitate to recommend you and your company to anyone who needs insulation and you are a pleasure to deal with.

Thank you again.