Pitched Roof Insulation

Metropolitan have a vast experience of domestic and commercial pitched roof Insulation.

Our team have over 20 years knowledge of sprayfoam installations behind them with great success.

Whether you need just high performance thermal insulation or roof stabilisation due to nail fatigue, we have the solutions and expertise to give you long lasting results.

Low density open cell thermal insulation can be installed with comprehensive warranty that will not only reduce your carbon footprint it will give you up to 45% per annum saving on your fuel bills. 

It's designed to breathe and it goes onto a membrane. If you've not got one we will install one for you. Its the most modern and effective form of roof Insulation available.  In most cases its installed in one day.

If on the other hand you have an old or listed building with nail or batten fatigue, we can put your roof back together like a jigsaw piece by piece.

Re set slatework carefully and check positioning before installation of closed cell polyurethane thermal insulation.  This will not only give you roof stabilisation for years it will give it a high performance energy saving.

We guarantee all our products for 25 years and offer a wealth of advise.

We have Case Studies all over the UK where we've achieved long lasting results and happy customers.