Attic Conversion Edinburgh

As with any form of home restoration, refurbishment or fix it is critical to get the essential ‘best advice’ well ahead - this is particularly applicable where any type of structural change is planned in a building.

In layman's terms your attic conversion in Edinburgh must be done by specialists!

Realistically, you will be adding perceived value to your Edinburgh home by adding the extra attic space. Extra floor space is only of use if it's added professionally and in accordance with this an Edinburgh attic conversion should be finished by experts in the field.

Metropolitan Insulation Services have 25 years knowledge in and around Edinburgh with thermal insulation and Edinburgh attic conversions.

When it comes to adding value to Edinburgh homes, expanding the quantity of floor space will manifestly be accomplished in doing this and there are few methods more feasible or successful in reaching this goal than loft and attic conversions if you're intending to increase the value of your home in Edinburgh.

This being the case, attic conversion is a must from Metropolitan Insulation Services.

No matter what your needs, at Metropolitan Insulation Services we are equipped to meet every Edinburgh attic conversion requirement.

Edinburgh attic conversion done properly by Metropolitan Insulation Services

The house space or structure to be converted, reliant on the proposed use, can be designed and finished to best supply the solution you're looking for. We would need to survey your property however so as to confirm what might be needed. Some of the most significant factors which will resolve whether your attic space is appropriate for a attic conversion include:

  • The height between the beams and the roof top.
  • The planning permission that you have.
  • The integrity of the floor structure.
  • The condition of the roof.