Glasgow City Council


The Problem

The Authority have a considerable number of metal roof problems in their portfolio. These are historically inherited from the 40 s and 50 s and have been renovated at various stages. Unfortunately the roofs because of their metal construction condensate at different periods of the year. This causes major issues with moisture dropping onto the floor of the loft and penetrating the ceiling. Consequently this permeates through the walls too. This had got to such a stage that some tenants were withholding rent or suing the authority.

The Solution

We were approached by Glasgow City to rectify this problem. We had extensive knowledge of polyurethane solutions over 20 years. Also having completed many solutions for condensation and damp for commercial and domestic clients south of the Border. Ian Watt attended from our Glasgow office. The issue caused by the metal roof due to contrasts in external and internal temperature were the main causes of the problem. A 25 mm application of rigid closed cell thermal insulation straight onto the steel was recommended and 4 houses were treated the same way. The walls were then returned to their normal state. On walls where there is damp and no cavity, low density open cell can be applied onto a membrane and boarded over. The studding can be shallow ,25 to 30 mm if necessary. 

The Result

Not only was the roof completely cured of its damp/ condensation issue and the walls as well, but heat conservation was created and the thermal imaging improved. The solution was permanent and it was all installed within 2 days. Both products are Class 1 Fire Rated and completely non toxic. Installed by BBA approved installers with relevant BBA products. Unfortunately Glasgow City ran out of funding at time but they at least have an answer to their problem now.

  • Metropolitan Insulation: Glasgow City Council