Office Insulation

Metropolitan have successfully completed many challenging and awkward insulation projects for offices.

Whether it’s H and M s headquarters in Edinburgh or Ocean Media in Canary Wharf we will always be able to deliver a solution for thermal and acoustic issues.

Many new offices are fit outs. This means they have suspended ceilings in place. Above those suspended ceilings there are services such as electrics,plumbing and air conditioning. Awkward and challenging to say the least. But with Sprayfoam technology we can quickly and efficiently install high performance Class 1 Fire Rated Thermal Insulation . The application goes onto the roof not onto the floor of the suspended ceiling. This means none of the services are covered or affected. If the substrate we re applying onto is metal, aluminium, wood or plastic it’s a direct application. If it’s an old slate or tile roof then we would provide a breathable membrane first, if there is no roofing felt. It is important that the roof breathes. We ventilate all our roof spaces at soffit level. In fact this process prevents and alleviates condensation.

In terms of thermal insulation, the advantages of Sprayfoam over traditional methods are enormous. Not only is it permanent and non deteriorating, it s more efficient and Green friendly. U values can be achieved to .15 and above. We can apply 300 metres a day in most cases. There are no gaps in the system. Unlike Kingspan and Cellatex which has to be cut and taped, which is time consuming and lots of waste, Sprayfoam is seamless and there is no waste. Our products are Eco friendly,reducing your carbon footprint and tonnage. Improving the Energy Rating of your or your clients building. In the years to come energy costs will continue to rise. It makes sense for forward thinkers to alleviate these costs long term. Our systems deliver the needs for today and the future.

As well as the high thermal performance there are other significant advantages to Sprayfoam. In many cases customers have called us with heat transference coming into the building. If you have a metal or aluminium roof the heat during the summer will transfer directly through the roof into the offices below . We can prevent this. Closed cell thermal insulation was designed in the US for this very purpose. It will negate the heat transfer and prevent unbearable temperatures. So as you can see Sprayfoam has many advantages over traditional insulation.

As well as these benefits the other tried and tested advantage of our products is it will significantly improve the acoustic performance of the roof. It will reduce noise from the outside and aircraft in particular. If your building is a venue or event space we can help prevent noise leakage. So if you have business or domestic neighbours that are complaining about your noise levels we can help.

Overall any challenges you have with your office insulation challenges we can solve them. Give you permanent and durable solutions at many levels. Metropolitan will deliver you the best advice and service available in the business of insulation.