Metropolitan Insulation: Soundproofing Solutions

Soundproofing Solutions

Metropolitan Insulation brings 15 years of expertise in soundproofing various spaces, from pub floors to the confidential meeting rooms of H&M's headquarters

Over these 15 years, the field of acoustics has evolved significantly, with product updates occurring every few months.

Our unique advantage lies in our extensive network of specialist suppliers, enabling us to offer a wide range of brands and solutions. We continuously update our systems and provide top-notch advice, whether you're dealing with a domestic or commercial noise issue. Both categories receive the same fast and efficient service, supported by a wealth of positive Google Reviews and Testimonials.

It's essential to note that impact and airborne noise problems require distinct approaches, and we tailor our solutions to your specific needs and budget. Our primary goal is to harness cutting-edge technology to address issues like noisy shower pumps or aircraft noise penetrating your roof.

For businesses like offices and restaurants, especially in the post-lockdown era, the demand for serene, noise-free environments is more apparent. We've served Psychotherapy Consulting Rooms to the headquarters of leading UK companies, all with the consistent objective of providing expert advice and solutions at a reasonable cost. Our nationwide presence ensures we can assist you whether you're in Edinburgh or London.

We pride ourselves on a swift turnaround, offering a survey within 24 hours. Have you ever struggled to converse in a bustling restaurant or overheard confidential corporate meetings from the adjacent office? We deliver innovative and permanent solutions to such predicaments.

In the realm of domestic flats and dwellings, we understand the challenges faced by tenants, homeowners, and landlords dealing with acoustic issues in both new and traditional structures. The invasion of privacy can be distressing, causing anxiety in what should be your sanctuary.

Whether it's the sound of footsteps above or noise seeping through your walls, we have the perfect, cost-effective solution. Our independence from specific manufacturers or suppliers allows us to explore a diverse range of solutions, tried and tested by our team, to provide you with the latest and most suitable technologies.

Metropolitan Insulation has a strong track record in all aspects of acoustic treatments, irrespective of the challenges you face. In most cases, we can respond to your enquiry within 24 hours and complete the installation within 3 weeks. Our consistent, impartial, and well-documented customer service has many clients returning to us time and again. We stand ready to assist you today.

For FREE expert advice on all SOUNDPROOFING SOLUTIONS with ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION contact Metropolitan Insulation Now on 0800 028 4042 or email us here

WHY contact Metropolitan Insulation?

FREE expert advice on all soundproofing problems with ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION. Contact Metropolitan Insulation Now on 0800 028 4042 or email us here


  • Free initial telephone consultation.
  • 30 years industry experience.
  • Experts in SOUNDPROOFING.
  • Cost effective solutions.
  • Do you suffer from Noisy Neighbours?
  • Can you hear your Neighbours movements?
  • Can you hear footsteps in the flat above?
  • Can you hear the TV next door?
  • Do you suffer with noise and reverberation from The London Underground?
  • Are you on an airport flightpath?
  • Does your HMO suffer from noise transfer?
  • Does your holiday let need sound insulation?
  • Are your office meeting rooms NOT confidential enough?
  • Do you carry out a noisy trade?
  • Do you work in the music industry and need to contain your own noise?


  • Reduce noise.
  • Noise reduction a specialism: Party walls, Floors & Ceilings.
  • Reduce outside noise.

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What people say about sound insulation from Metropolitan Insulation

"From start to finish they provided excellent support, method statements and technical information"

Would highly recommend metropolitan insulation as they are very professional and knowledgeable. We got acoustic ceilings installed as the residents in the flat upstairs were very noisy due to their laminate flooring and now can safely say the new ceilings have worked a treat! Very happy with the quality of work carried out!”