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Spray Foam Insulation Solutions

Metropolitan Insulation IS THE LEADING Sprayfoam Insulation solutions specialist. For 30 years we have provided high performance solutions for Industrial, Commercial and Domestic applications.

Industrial, Commercial and Domestic applications

Spray-applied polyurethane foam is a chemically-modified polyurethane foam applied to the underside of the roof which bonds slates and tiles to each other and to structural or supporting timbers to replace the anchorage of fixing nails.

Spray-applied polyurethane foam expertly applied between floors in domestic properties has sound deadening and thermal qualities.

In domestic properties a warmer, drier, cleaner roof space provided by spray-applied polyurethane foam to the underside of the roof eliminates the risk of pipes and tanks freezing.

Stabilising and insulating existing industrial building roof structures


  • Can be applied to slates, tiles, pantiles and a many other roof coverings.
  • Storm resistant.
  • The foam can be applied to various depths and has a K-value of 0.02W/mK.
  • When sprayed to a depth of 85mm the U-value of a typical roof with 100mm fibreglass at ceiling level is reduced from 0.34W/m²K to 0.16W/m²K, surpassing current Building Regulations.


  • Cheaper than re-roofing.
  • Permanent cure.
  • Prevents ingress of driven snow, rain and wind.
  • Reduces heat loss.
  • Seals unwanted air leakage.

Stabilising and insulating existing domestic roof structures


  • The spray applied foam meets Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame when tested to BS 476 Part 7: 1997.
  • Tiles and slates adhered in place prevent theft.
  • It has been found to be particularly suitable for historic and listed buildings where it is important to maintain the original character of the roof.


  • By installing the insulation at rafter level it keeps the loft void warmer and prevents condensation build-up which otherwise occurs when increasing insulation at ceiling level.
  • The water vapour resistance of the spray-applied foam at 600-1000MNs/g is sufficient to prevent interstitial condensation but allows the battens, which are covered on three sides by the foam, to 'breathe' and by preventing wind-blown rain and snow the battens stay dry.
  • The foam also slows the deterioration of tile/slates by frost. On the underside of the covering frost damage is eliminated. On the weather side the frequency of the freezing/thawing cycle is reduced. Slates and tiles will be less prone to damage by impact as the foam distributes the forces.
  • Extremely light; only 2 kilograms per m2 so no structural stress.
  • Gives the roof added strength and prevents storm damage.
  • Guaranteed for 15 years and annual maintenance contract available to extend the lifetime.

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WHY contact Metropolitan Insulation?

FREE expert advice on Spray foam insulation with ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION. Contact Metropolitan Insulation Now on 0800 028 4042 or email us here


  • Free initial telephone consultation.
  • 30 years industry experience.
  • Experts in spray foam insulation solutions.
  • Cost effective solutions.
  • Does your industrial shed suffer from condensation?
  • Does your industrial building roof leak?
  • Does your home suffer with a drafty loft space?


  • Eliminate condensation in your industrial shed.
  • Eliminated leaks in your industrial building roof.
  • Make your home loft space useable.
  • Reduce inside noise in your shed.
  • Reduce noise between floors in your apartment block.

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What people say about Sprayfoam insulation from Metropolitan Insulation

"From start to finish they provided excellent support, method statements and technical information"

When we needed to strip down the old digester tanks at our water treatment plant in Lancashire, we contacted our civil engineers William Pye Ltd. They sourced Metropolitan Insulation Services.

Metropolitan Insulation Services was able to act quickly and efficiently but probably, and most importantly, within our budget timescales. From start to finish they provided excellent support, method statements and technical information. Without doubt we can recommend them on the basis of their professionalism and information. As our site stock is coming to a time of renewal we shall be using them again!

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