Factory Insulation

Metropolitan have a wealth of experience built up over 25 years.

We use the very latest technology hand in hand with that plethora of knowledge. Whether your looking to step up your u values or encapsulate an old asbestos roof,we can provide highly effective solutions for life.

Closed cell rigid polyurethane insulation comes with Class 1 or an upgrade to Class 0 Fire Ratings. It is non combustible and highly durable,taking upto half a tonne in weight. But at the same time is only 2kg per m2 in weight. The application will last as long as the building is standing,it’s for life.

External insulation is also possible. It comes with a 25 year manufacturers warranty with its elastomeric coating. This means an old leaky structure or roof can be transformed at a fraction of the cost of replacement or fibreglass covering. We will inspect and advise you of the best solution.

Lots of commercial and industrial units incorporate asbestos in various parts of their structures. This can be toxic,restrictive and extremely costly to remove. Have you ever considered encapsulation? It’s fast,clean and a highly effective alternative. We would advise you on inspection if this option was appropriate. We only work in a ethical manner and our Testimonials are freely available.

Heating a large open factory space can be extremely costly to heat especially if you have a workforce in place. We can not only give you any u value you would like or need to achieve. Whether your substrate is metal, wood, asbestos, aluminium, steel or plastic we can furnish a permanent self bonding solution. Not only will this reduce heating costs,it will also improve your Green credentials, make you more Eco friendly and increase your EPC rating. We can retro fit where there are suspended ceilings. Our ability is in our flexibility to tackle what seem impossible projects for tradional insulation methods. Sprayfoam is the wayforward.

Factory insulation is a challenge for most conventional insulants. It needs to be attached to the surfaces or a framework created. It needs cutting out and taping or gluing to the surfaces. This is costly and time consuming. In most cases our applications can cover 300m2 in one day. We can adhere to any surface without a membrane. No bridging issues either. Our products do not deteriorate,fall down,need re fixing guaranteed.

Polyurethane closed cell insulation when used correctly for commercial or industrial units will give you exactly what you need. It won’t fail or let you down. In terms of safety our products are all Class 1 or Class 0 rated. It’s tough and can take the bumps and smashes of a tough industrial environment. Walls,ceilings,mezzanine areas can be covered . We also can handle sub terranean buildings.

We have produced solutions for Cemex, Countrystyle Recycling, M.O.D, United Utilities, Aldi and Sainsburys to name just a few.

Because we import our products from all over the world,we can assure you of the very best prices for your project. We re so confident we will beat any genuine written quote. That’s our promise . So if you want to save money for today, tomorrow and the years ahead we will give you that . If you want to extend the life of an old factory roof we ll deliver. Or you might just want to improve your Green credentials. Reduce your carbon footprint now and subsequent carbon tonnage.