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Sound insulation and Roof insulation - Commercial Applications

Our industrial external installation for thermal and waterproofing has been tried and tested over 30 years. Our operatives have 25 years alone. From Cemex to United Utilities we have completed many commercial and industrial projects on a large scale.

Our mission is to give you a long term, fast, cost effective to replacing or renewing old structure roofs.

Whether that's corrugation or profile, we can apply to all surfaces including asbestos and metal profile.

Our installation of a closed cell insulant and two coat rubberised coating to a substrate will not only insulate and prevent condensation, it will weatherproof as well. The steps undertaken involve a preliminary inspection to ascertain the suitability of your building.

We can arrange for all site safety or use your own existing. Health and safety has to be paramount. Our operatives then prepare the surface by cleaning and brushing down the substrate. Remedial works are carried out also so the roof is ready.

When these steps have been carried out we spray apply the closed cell Class 1 Fire Rated foam onto the surface. The material expands and solidifies in 60 seconds filling any cracks and overlaps to give a sealed structure.

Once this is completed we brush or spray apply a elastomeric material which covers the area sprayed and prevents uv-rays from damaging. Because it’s elastomeric it expands and retracts with heat and cold temperatures.

Spray and coat methods have been successfully used to solve external weatherproofing issues for in excess of 40 years. Beginning in the States and spreading globally it’s been in Britain for in excess of 30 years.

The key benefits of using this system are:

  • Minor disruption to company and its operatives below in the building.
  • No need to replace the existing roof.
  • Eliminate the need to disturb or cut into roof substrate,especially relevant if it’s asbestos.
  • Polyurethane expands through out the joints and holes and seals them. Sealing completely.
  • The elastomeric surface gives a flawless surface and bonded finish.
  • Maximum heat loss effectiveness upto 90% escaping through the roof.
  • Extremely light only 2 kilograms per m2 so no structural stress.
  • Gives the roof added strength and prevents storm damage.
  • Guaranteed for 15 years and annual maintenance contract available to extend the lifetime.

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External Spray Foam on Commercial Roof