Noise Nuisance Control London

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London residents, business owners and workers need not be subject to the irritation, distress and stress that noise pollution can cause thanks to the skills of the Metropolitan Insulation Services team.

What is noise pollution?

Noise pollution is unwanted sound that invades our lives, causing annoyance, stress and if it’s loud enough, even damage to hearing. If you are exposed to excessive levels of noise at home or in the workplace we are here to assist with noise pollution control London.

Soundproofing specialists London

With professional sound insulation London services the Metropolitan Insulation Services team can put paid to nuisance noise penetration – whether you are troubled by night time noise, noise from the street, noise at work, construction site noise, transport noise or even fireworks.

There are a number of laws and bye-laws in place to protect you from levels of noise pollution that are deemed unreasonable – from the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003 protecting you from night time noise problems, to the Noise and Statutory Nuisance Act 1993 that tackles noise in the street.

Noise nuisance control London

We are sound insulation specialists London and we help numerous individuals and businesses requiring soundproofing London, sound insulation London or noise pollution control London.

Noise levels are on the increase in our society particularly in densely populated city areas. Noise nuisance control London from soundproofing specialists London, Metropolitan Insulation Services provides effective and affordable solutions.

As proven sound insulation specialists London we have the skills to tackle noise nuisance to optimum effect.

Metropolitan Insulation Services – soundproofing specialists London – services include: noise nuisance control London; noise pollution control London; sound insulation London and soundproofing London for domestic or commercial properties.

Noise nuisance London – how to take action

If you are troubled by any type of noise pollution you can take the following steps to alleviate the problem:

  1. Take noise pollution control London into your own hands by approaching whoever is responsible. You may find that the noise complaint can be quickly and informally resolved. Be sure to go to your local authority if you feel threatened or your personal approached are failing to have effect.
  2. Make a complaint to the local authority – your complaint will be investigated and if the noise level is deemed unacceptable, the offender will be contacted informally. If an abatement notice is served and this is not complied with, Court proceedings may ensue.
  3. Mediation services may help bring about a solution in nuisance noise control London – this may be quicker than taking the legislative path. Contact your local authority for details regarding mediation services in your area.

If none of the above are successful in tackling noise pollution control London, you may wish to complain direct to the Magistrates Court or take civil action.


Soundproofing London and sound insulation London from Metropolitan Insulation Services brings about fast and reliable solutions.

Why not talk to us about your noise problem? We will be pleased to advise you and provide a free, no obligation quotation for our soundproofing London solutions. Contact us for details today.