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Noise pollution is unwanted sound that invades our lives, causing annoyance, stress and if it’s loud enough, even damage to hearing. If you are exposed to excessive levels of noise at home or in the workplace we are here to assist with noise pollution control London.

Soundproofing specialists London

With professional sound insulation London services the Metropolitan Insulation Services team can put paid to nuisance noise penetration – whether you are troubled by night time noise, noise from the street, noise at work, construction site noise, transport noise or even fireworks.

Noise nuisance control London

We are sound insulation specialists London and we help numerous individuals and businesses requiring soundproofing London, sound insulation London or noise pollution control London.

Noise levels are on the increase in our society particularly in densely populated city areas. Noise nuisance control London from soundproofing specialists London, Metropolitan Insulation Services provides effective and affordable solutions.

As proven sound insulation specialists London we have the skills to tackle noise nuisance to optimum effect.

Metropolitan Insulation Services – soundproofing specialists London – services include: noise nuisance control London; noise pollution control London; sound insulation London and soundproofing London for domestic or commercial properties.

A real alternative to legislation

A number of Acts are in place to protect us from noise pollution: the Control of Pollution Act 1974 covers construction site noise; the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 ensures employers adhere to appropriate Health & Safety standards regarding noise levels; and the noise made by vehicles is limited by the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use Regulations) 1986... to name but a few.

If noise is bothering you and any approach you have made personally to the perpetrator is being ignored you can approach your local authority, seek mediation services or where appropriate complain to the Magistrates Court directly or take civil action.

Alternatively you can seek the skills of sound insulation specialists London. Soundproofing specialists London such as Metropolitan Insulation Services can bring about lasting relief from sound problems – quickly and inexpensively.

If you need soundproofing London, sound insulation London, noise pollution control London, or noise nuisance control London contact our friendly team for more details now.

How you can reduce the noise you make too

All households and businesses make a certain amount of noise – it’s inevitable. However, there are a number of easy steps you can take to keep noise levels to a minimum and avoid disturbing your neighbours, colleagues or family members:

  • Ensure noisy white goods are sited away from partition walls
  • Check noise levels before purchasing new white goods
  • Apologise in advance to neighbours if you are going to do noisy maintenance/DIY work
  • Keep TV and music volumes to an acceptable level – particularly at night
  • Use headphones
  • If your burglar alarm is faulty or old, ensure it is replaced
  • Planning a party? Tell or better still, invite the neighbours
  • Using fireworks to celebrate a special occasion? Tell your neighbours – particularly those with pets – and ensure your display finished before 23.00 or 01.00 fro Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali

All those around you will appreciate these simple measures in noise pollution control London and noise nuisance control London.

Vehicle noise – a common nuisance noise offender – may be easily reduced too by:

  • Not slamming car doors
  • Not revving the engine excessively or unnecessarily
  • Ensuring the horn is only used in emergencies
  • Keeping loud repair work to daytimes only
  • Ensuing your silencer works properly
  • Keeping your car serviced regularly and in good order so brakes don’t squeal etc
  • Keeping radio or music noise levels low