Thermal Insulation Glasgow

Glasgow and it’s surrounding areas have many different needs for thermal insulation

Sprayed and injected polyurethane insulation is ideal for condensation control, high u-values and encapsulation of asbestos amongst many other uses.

Commercial, industrial and even domestic properties all along the Clyde have the need to upgrade and install the kind of insulation above. Sprayed and injected polyurethane systems from Metropolitan Insulation come in many different types

Why choose Metropolitan Insulation Services?

If you need Thermal Insulation in Glasgow, appoint Metropolitan Insulation Services as your contractor and you can look forward to:

  • Acoustic Soundproofing Glasgow.
  • Attics and Lofts Glasgow.
  • Building Insulation Glasgow.
  • Condensation Control Glasgow.
  • Domestic Soundproofing Glasgow.
  • Flat Roofing Glasgow.
  • Home Soundproofing Glasgow.
  • Glasgow Insulation.

We’re also experts in:

  • Agricultural Spray Insulation Glasgow.
  • Attic Conversion Glasgow.
  • Commercial Insulation Glasgow.
  • Commercial Spray Insulation Glasgow.
  • Corporate Soundproofing Glasgow.
  • Glasgow Acoustic Soundproofing.
  • Glasgow Insulation Installers.
  • Glasgow Soundproofing.

Thermal Insulation Installers Glasgow

Glasgow City have employed us in the past to help cure condensation issues in ex local authority homes with metal profile roofs. One application of closed cell rigid foam insulation at 25 mm eliminates this issue permanently.

Low density open cell polyurethane insulation is applied at a 100mm depth with a membrane now to replace fibreglass / mineral wool insulation. It reduces Glasgow’s carbon footprint and gives you 45% heat saving (Government statistics). It’s applied directly under the roof creating a warm roof rather than a cold one. It lasts for life and has a 25-year-old manufacturers warranty.

Old and more modern industrial building stock along the Clyde benefits from thermal installation of closed cell rigid polyurethane too. Whether keeping the workforce warm in the depths of winter or encapsulating old asbestos roofs to make them safe, we have the answers.

Glasgow has extremely cold and long winters traditionally. Why not let Metropolitan Insulation reduce your energy costs? Go Green and Eco friendly. Energy costs are only going one way, so let innovation and technology give you long lasting solutions to your problems. Old structures or new builds we can help.

Our skillset is wide and vast, and we can help deliver solutions on an array of problems that you may find in domestic, commercial and agricultural setting. Our expertise allows us to offer the following:

  • Glasgow Sound Proofing.
  • Glasgow Soundproofing Installers.
  • Glasgow Sound Proofing Installers.
  • Glasgow Spray Foam.
  • Loft Conversion Glasgow.
  • Noise Insulation Glasgow.
  • Noise Nuisance Control Glasgow.
  • Noise Pollution Control Glasgow.
  • Noise Reduction Glasgow.
  • Office Soundproofing Glasgow.

Our knowledge also covers:

  • Roof Renovation Glasgow.
  • Saving Energy Glasgow.
  • Sound Insulation Glasgow.
  • Soundproofing Installers Glasgow.
  • Sprayed Insulation Glasgow.
  • Spray Foam Insulation Glasgow.
  • Underfloor Insulation Glasgow.

At Metropolitan Insulation, Eco/Green credentials are very relevant and part of our DNA – especially in todays environment. Our objective in Glasgow is to give you solutions that are long lasting and permanent, but most importantly effective.

In the era of a changing climate, we want to give you sustainable solutions that will not only last but be futureproof. A one-time investment that lasts a lifetime.

Please feel free to call for helpful, knowledgeable advice on whatever insulation issue you may have. If you're looking for Thermal Insulation in Glasgow or Thermal Insulation in North Wales then get in touch with Metropolitan Insulation today.