Vehicle Insulation

Most vans and long wheel base vehicles are ideal to convert into cozy and usable travel and camping units.

Metropolitan have been installing this kind of project for many years and the independent thinking is in the video below.

If you want to cure and prevent condensation, create a warm cozy moving home then sprayed closed cell rigid polyurethane is the answer.

It’s Class 1 Fire Rated. It’s tough and durable and unlike other forms of vehicle insulation it doesn’t fall off, need refining or cause bridging.

It’s applied directly to the metal, aluminium, bonding and expanding in 60 seconds. It doesn’t give off any smell or vapour when being installed. U values of upto .18 can be achieved if necessary.

We carry out numerous installations throughout the U.K. so location is never a problem or you can drive to us.

Most fits take a maximum of 2 hours. We can offer advice and knowledge for free just by giving us a call.