H and M Customer Service HQ


The Problem

We were called in to advise and investigate noise pollution in confidential meeting rooms. There were 4. Despite the general build quality the “ spillage” from room to room was appalling. On investigation the perimeter isolation on each office was non existent. The doors ,again of good quality were of poor acoustic performance. For such an organisation this was totally unacceptable.

The Solution

Firstly we installed our MetroMute system at ceiling level to reduce “spillage” and transference from room to room. We fitted it over 2 weekends to minimise disturbance to staff and operatives. Then we took off all doors installing quality acoustic door seals and closers.

The Result

80% upwards reduction in airborne noise and confidentiality for the first time since offices were bought. A quieter and more user friendly conference room and a very happy client.

  • Metropolitan Insulation: H and M Customer Service HQ