Flat Roofing by Metropolitan Insulation

No joints or coupling is the leak sealing main feature though it has excellent insulation and condensation control qualities. Consistent finish means easy maintenance.

Metropolitan Insulations versatility means it can adapt to any surface or substrate. This makes it an ideal system to be applied to erratic surfaces with shapes of any kind, curved or squared.

Our flat roof system adheres to any surface cement, concrete, polyurethane, wood, metal etc.

The product will take upto 2 metric tonnes displacement of weight.

The system is extremely hard wearing and wear resistant.

Metropolitan Insulations fast reacting system provides great stability immediately after installation. It can bear foot traffic and guarantees leak proofing properties in under 3 hours, although it reaches peak condition left completely after 24 hours.

Once finished it epitomises great durability. It is inert with temperature changes and maintains its properties, without suffering breakage or deformation.