The Problem

'Depot' Cardiff is possibly the most popular live music event venue in Wales. In this 3,000m2 warehouse, rooted in the 1970's, the plan was to expand the business. The concern was noise leakage into the surrounding built-up residential area. The specific problem detail was the internal reverberation and bass generated by both performing acts and general music.  This was a challenge on a very large scale and in and of itself, presented a major transformation task...... but to add insult to injury minor leaks in the roof space were apparent.

The Solution

Our team put together a hybrid system, never previously used in the UK on this scale. It's a combination of a closed cell skin firstly, followed up with the only Class 1 Fire Rated low density open cell product in the world. It took 3 weeks and 3 crews to install this groundbreaking system. James and the client agreed to deploy maximum depth and coverage.

The Result

Not only was the external leakage reduced to a minimum, the internal dB levels measured by professional audiologists in the music industry were described as outstanding. Internal reverberation and bass is now well within tolerance for large scale events.

  • Metropolitan Insulation: Depot