Stratford and Worthing

The Problem

Our client had 2 brand new and fit out office Head Quarters in the East End and Sussex. The unfortunate fact of life is that internal acoustic issues were not taken into consideration when they were designed. Unfortunately n these instances the internal reverberation of machinery and telephone customer care made the 6 or 7 rooms intolerable.

The Solution

After a manufacturer s survey that we conducted we established a number of measures to combat and cure these issues. We ascertained that the walls would benefit from bespoke acoustic panels. These are produced by our manufacturers and done with a specific calculation based on size and make up of walls. Also the doors unfortunately were leaking noise into the main office concourse. This needed bat and drop seals to be installed. Finally some of these rooms were accommodating servers. Again they  were leaking a lot of noise into the concourse. We designed and built bespoke acoustic shrouds and clouds for the servers. 

The Result

The management,staff and utilities provider were amazed by the results. More or less all noise spill was cured and the internal reverberation was dramatically reduced. So not only was it a perfect result ,we have been re engaged to tackle similar issues at HMRC throughout U.K. 

  • Metropolitan Insulation: HMRC Stratford and Worthing