Flat Roofing London

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Metropolitan Insulation Services offers a comprehensive sprayed insulation system for all flat roof and external roof surfaces. These systems are designed to go over existing roof structures.

After initial preparation, we spray apply a seamless coat on the existing substrate, then a rubberised membrane on top.

Weatherproofing system

The system provides both an insulation and condensation protection, as well as providing a weatherproofing.

Manufacturer's guarantee

Metropolitan Insulation Services's flat roof insulation system comes with a 10 or 15 year manufacturers’ guarantee.

Perfect for older structures

If you're looking to extend the life of the roof, The Metropolitan Insulation Services roof system will enhance the durability of the roof.

Tough enough for roof traffic - up to 1/2 ton!

Tough enough to take foot traffic up to half ton, the system expands and contracts with the structure so there are no breaks or splits in the coating.

Fast Efficient Service

Call Metropolitan Insulation Services now on 0800 028 4042 for fast efficient service when insulating your flat roof.