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Air tightness is generally accepted to be the resistance of the building envelope to incoming or out-going air leakage. Too much air seepage impacts on power usage and leads to a cold and draughty building.

Air leaking is determined by differential pressures across the building envelope. The variations in pressure are made by the internal warm air rising ( stack ), the external wind and any existing mechanical ventilating systems. Together these put negative and positive pressures on the building envelope.

Part L1A / B of the Building Rules Part L applies to dwellings while Part L2A / B applies to non domestic buildings. Current Building Rules Part L include air tightness as an element of the Government's dedication to noticeably reducing Co2 emissions.

The goal is to gain a 60 percent reduction in all UK Co2 emissions by 2050, as outlined in the Energy White Paper. Energy used within building's interiors accounts for just about Half of all UK Co2 emissions.

There are two key factors in the design and performance of building materials that impact upon energy use these are air seepage and continuity of insulation.

As Metropolitan Insulation Services recommends, due attention to air seepage and appropriate insulation bring significant cost savings to property owners over the long run.

Lower utility bills are the ideal inducement to struggle towards air tightness. Furthermore, controlling air seepage makes buildings much more content to live and work in.

For all of your enquiries regarding air tightness, Birmingham home owners and entrepreneurs should contact Metropolitan Insulation Services today.

A bit more about Part L

Part L has been imposed since April 2002 and its latest revision was in Apr 2006. This was when air tightness testing became a legal obligation for almost all new non-domestic buildings. A sample of new dwellings also must be tested for air tightness.

Birmingham clients and all connected with a project, from contractors to site staff - need to appreciate the implications of air tightness and how it impacts on their part of the project in hand. Just one tiny area of seepage may cause not complying and in turn this often leads to pricey time delays and expensive remedial works.

Metropolitan Insulation Services believes that all parties concerned must be educated in air leaking and teamwork is a complete must. Each building desires design to incorporate stringent details; making certain air tightness and continuity of insulation are appropriately addressed.

Metropolitan Insulation Services's air tightness Birmingham clients can rest assured they are in expert hands. Building Control inspectors will accept our air test results and if any dispensation should be needed (on any bit of your project) we are well placed to negotiate on your behalf.

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