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Noise pollution is unwanted sound that invades our lives, causing annoyance, stress and if it’s loud enough, even damage to hearing. If you are exposed to excessive levels of noise at home or in the workplace we are here to assist with noise pollution control London.

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With professional sound insulation London services the Metropolitan Insulation Services team can put paid to nuisance noise penetration – whether you are troubled by night time noise, noise from the street, noise at work, construction site noise, transport noise or even fireworks.

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We are sound insulation specialists London and we help numerous individuals and businesses requiring soundproofing London, sound insulation London or noise pollution control London.

Noise levels are on the increase in our society particularly in densely populated city areas. Noise nuisance control London from soundproofing specialists London, Metropolitan Insulation Services provides effective and affordable solutions.

As proven sound insulation specialists London we have the skills to tackle noise nuisance to optimum effect.

Metropolitan Insulation Services – soundproofing specialists London – services include: noise nuisance control London; noise pollution control London; sound insulation London and soundproofing London for domestic or commercial properties.

Your right to peace and quiet

Many people do not realise that their rights regarding noise pollution are protected under a number of laws and bye-laws. For example, night time noise may be tackled by local authorities under the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003 (amending the Noise Act 1996).

If you are in England or Wales and are subject to unreasonable noise at night and environmental health officer will investigate your complaint. Warnings and prosecutions may ensue if warnings are ignored by perpetrators.

Noise in the street is tackled by the Noise and Statutory Nuisance Act – covering vehicle noise and the use of loud speakers.

It may be that you are troubled by unreasonable firework noise as these are increasingly used for celebration events. Both people and pets may find firework noise distressing and the Fireworks Regulations 2004 provide legislation to protect you from usage (23.00 – 07.00) aside from that to be expected from Bonfire night, Diwali, New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year.

Metropolitan Insulation Services – soundproofing specialist London – provides tried and tested sound insulation services offering a rapid and cost-effective cure to noise pollution problems.

Remember as soundproofing specialists London, we can provide the solution you need for:

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Why let unwanted noise become unbearable? Sound insulation specialists London, Metropolitan Insulation Services is here with the right solution at the right price. Contact us to find out more.