Noise Insulation London

Do you need help with noise insulation London?

Metropolitan Insulation Services is a leading soundproofing company providing expert advice and professional solutions for all domestic and commercial soundproofing. Our goal is to make your home or workplace a peaceful and enjoyable place to live or work in. Noise insulation London is our forte and we can assist with a wide range of products designed to soundproof your property or meet Part E Building Regulations all expertly installed.

Noise problems can occur in any residence but they are particularly prevalent in London flats and apartments. Flats located in large houses that have been converted and divided up often have no soundproofing whatsoever and it’s easy to see why sound penetrates walls, floors and ceilings so easily.

If the noise insulation London within your property is poor – you can hear conversations or TV noise emitted from in neighbouring properties – don’t worry, help is at hand.

Noise that invades your space and your privacy does not have to be tolerated. Instead of letting it affect your quality of life contact Metropolitan Insulation Services for effective ways of tackling noise insulation. London residents can look forward to rapid and easy to install solutions that cause minimum inconvenience and disruption. Our experienced installers work throughout the London area and we have an enviable reputation for quality, professionalism and value for money in noise insulation London.

One of our most popular methods of tackling unwanted noise penetration or emission is to use sound absorbing spray foam that prevents noise entering or escaping. This absorbs 50% of sound energy transmitted through air and also enhances thermal insulation performance.

The benefits of sound absorbing spray foam

  • No noxious fumes or toxicity
  • Ideal for people with allergies and respiratory difficulties (such as asthma)
  • No shrinkage or slipping
  • Does not provide a food source for bacteria, insects, vermin or fungi
  • Prevents mould by minimising condensation
  • Environmentally friendly

Besides acoustic sound absorbing foams we can also supply and fit sound barrier mats, resilient insulation for floating floors, acoustic insulation for party walls/separating walls, acoustic tiles (walls and ceilings), class C sound absorbers, sound absorbing diffusers, sound screens, acoustic absorbers... all of which provide robust noise insulation London. We will advise on which will meet your individual noise problem circumstances.

The Metropolitan Insulation Services team is committed to offering premium wall insulation, floor insulation and ceiling insulation services across London and the South. We guarantee the lowest prices and will be pleased to beat any competitor quoting on a like for like basis.

We do not sub-contract, are fully insured, provide comprehensive guarantees and use British Standards materials. All work is provided to exacting standards and we are dedicated to service delivery and offering added value wherever possible.

For advice and more details regarding any aspect of noise insulation London, please call the helpful Metropolitan Insulation Services team on 0800 028 4042 or email