Sound Insulation in Edinburgh

The most effective sound insulation in Edinburgh

If you need sound insulation in Edinburgh that stops noise getting in or escaping out, Metropolitan Insulation Services can help. Noise pollution - including transport noise, social noise, industrial noise, even noise sub-marine - becomes a thing of the past, thanks to our sprayed foam sound proofing.

… and spray foam insulation in Edinburgh

Our spray foam provides a superior barrier that's equally effective for commercial insulation in Edinburgh, roof insulation in Edinburgh (or loft insulation in Edinburgh).

If you are about to embark upon roof maintenance in Edinburgh or roof renovation, contact Metropolitan Insulation Services first. Our formula:

  • Absorbs 50% of the sound energy transmitted through air
  • Boasts superb fire retardant properties
  • Stops noise escaping or getting in
  • Is easy to apply - with spray, injection or molding
  • Can be applied to walls, roofs, ceilings, floors and machinery

What's more for those seeking sound insulation in Edinburgh or spray foam insulation in Edinburgh, our product fits snugly to surfaces with no shrinkage.

Anyone involved in commercial insulation (roof insulation in Edinburgh/roof maintenance in Edinburgh) will appreciate its odourless formula - with no noxious gases emitted it's ideal for those with allergies or asthma.

Loft insulation in Edinburgh or roof renovation in Edinburgh can now be cost effective, environmentally friendly and energy efficient to boot.

If you are about to tackle roof renovation in Edinburgh or loft insulation in Edinburgh, don't begin without contacting Metropolitan Insulation Services.

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