Metropolitan Insulation: Industrial

Industrial weatherproofing applications for sheds, farm buildings and industrial units providing thermal and sound enhancements.

Metropolitan Insulation has an excellent reputation for Industrial weatherproofing solutions. For 30 years we have provided high performance solutions for farm buildings, industrial units, factories, workshops, sea containers, commercial vehicles and boats, car parks, agricultural facilities, concrete soffits and include asbestos encapsulation in our service roster.

At Metropolitan Insulation we specialise in industrial thermal efficiency and waterproofing solutions and are tried tested for 30 years.

Our mission is to always provide a long term, fast and cost effective solution when considering replacing or renewing old structure roofs, reducing condensation and limiting noise transfer in industrial facilities.

Old structural roof complications

Whether it’s a corrugated or profile roof, we can apply our solution to all surfaces and this includes asbestos and metal profiles.

The installation of a closed cell insulation and a two coat rubberised coating to a substrate will not only insulate and prevent condensation, it will weatherproof in addition.

The Process

  1. Preliminary inspection to ascertain the suitability of your building and scoping.
  2. Site safety audit, RAMS and Method statements.
  3. Prepare the surface by cleaning and brushing down the substrate.
  4. Remedial works are carried out.
  5. Spray apply the closed cell Class 1 Fire Rated foam onto the surface. The material expands and solidifies in 60 seconds filling any cracks and overlaps to provide a sealed structure.
  6. Brush or spray apply an elastomeric material which covers the area sprayed and prevents uv-rays from damaging the surface. Because it’s elastomeric it expands and retracts with hot and cold temperatures accordingly.

The Benefits

  • Minor disruption to company and its operatives below in the building.
  • No need to replace the existing roof.
  • Eliminate the need to disturb or cut into roof substrate; especially relevant if it’s asbestos.
  • Polyurethane expands throughout the joints and holes and seals them completely.
  • The elastomeric surface gives a flawless surface and bonded finish.
  • Maximum heat loss effectiveness up to 90% escaping through the roof.
  • Extremely light; only 2 kilograms per m2 so no structural stress.
  • Gives the roof added strength and prevents storm damage.
  • Guaranteed for 15 years and annual maintenance contract available to extend the lifetime.

Other Industrial Applications

Steel Sea Containers

  • Recycling of steel sea containers – we are specialists.
  • Contains heat during extreme cold periods.
  • Protects from heat during extreme heat periods.


  • Delivers the required u/value.
  • Odour control.

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WHY contact Metropolitan Insulation?

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  • Free initial telephone consultation.
  • 30 years industry experience.
  • Experts in spray foam insulation solutions.
  • Cost effective solutions.
  • Does your industrial shed suffer from condensation?
  • Does your industrial building roof leak?
  • Does your home suffer with a drafty loft space?


  • Eliminate condensation in your industrial shed.
  • Eliminated leaks in your industrial building roof.
  • Make your home loft space useable.
  • Reduce inside noise in your shed.
  • Reduce noise between floors in your apartment block.

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What people say about Industrial weatherproofing insulation from Metropolitan Insulation

"From initial inquiry to contract they were fast, efficient and excellent with their backup"

From initial inquiry to contract they were fast, efficient and excellent with their backup" Metropolitan Insulation Services were contracted for the second time earlier this year to strip down 2 silos in the east of London and insulate to a specific value. As well as this they applied a long term weatherproof barrier.

We dealt initially with James Barker who answered all our queries and gave excellent technical support. From initial inquiry to contract they were fast, efficient and excellent with their backup. As we are market leaders in ready mix concrete, we would go as far as to say Capital meet our standards.

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