Wing Yip


The Problem

This store like many of this age share the same problems. The building regulations regarding insulation requirements are outdated and ineffective. In this case the owners were very aware and pro active of their desire to bring their store upto speed in terms of Carbon Reduction,Eco friendly and Green credentials. 

The Solution

The ceiling soffit was carefully and painstakingly taken down in small sections without major surgery at night,to negate any shutdown of business hours. Then we applied closed cell thermal Class 1 Fire Rated BBA polyurethane commercial insulation to the soffit. This was done without fuss and efficiently. The walls then were treated with rigid PIR board and plastered . We dealt with all associated electrics also. 

The Result

Not only was there an instant recognition of the difference in the store temperature,the store is now upto date with it s Green Credentials and more importantly reduce its heating costs.  At Metropolitan we can offer you this bespoke service anywhere in the U.K. 

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