Why Insulate Your Warehouse?

Polyurethane spray foam insulation is ideal for insulating commercial and agricultural warehouses

New builds and refurbishment projects, whereby its rigidity and capacity to create a continuous insulating layer adds strength and prolongs warehouse longevity.

Spray foam insulation provides effective insulation that seals the roof from the interior. This type of application adheres to virtually any surface at any angle, and is especially effective within the warehouse environment where corrugated roofing is typical (be it asbestos, IBR sheet or iron).

Traditional insulators cannot follow the contours of corrugations - they are therefore complex to install and may create gaps which can result in condensation, water ingress from rain and draughts.

The benefits of insulating your warehouse soon add up: you can enjoy greater temperature control and its associated energy savings; a warmer environment in the winter and a cooler one when the temperatures rise outside; no more condensation; and the complete foam seal fills any gaps, eliminating draughts and leaks.

Moreover, the spray foam can bond metal sheets with asbestos sheets – this enhances security and strengthens roofs against windy weather.

Large surface areas may be insulated quickly and with minimum disruption to employees, stock or machinery within the warehouse environment.

Spray foam negates condensation problems easily, swiftly and with minimum inconvenience and mess. It is applied directly to the surface (adhering to almost all materials) and creates an uninterrupted insulation layer that seals all gaps and crevices. Once the interior surface is well insulated, the colder external temperature cannot penetrate so readily, therefore the roof’s ‘dew point’ is transferred back to the outside. Any moisture within the building remains circulating within, rather than condensing on the surface.

With optimum insulation values per depth, spray foam insulation is a clear market leader, enabling older commercial and industrial warehouses to be modernised to meet rigorous current standards more easily than with other insulating techniques.

Most warehouse insulation requirements are satisfied by BS476 Part 7 Class 1 rating for surface spread of flame, however a Class 0 fire rating of spray foam insulator is available upon request.

Please contact Metropolitan Insulation Services for advice on all warehouse insulation requirements.