Month: June 2018

How To Soundproof A Garden Room

Garden rooms are all the rage at the moment and whether you are a musician or someone running a business from home, you will no doubt be interested in how to insulate your room.

Good sound insulation starts with the construction of your garden room. Many people opt for timber but this is actually one of the worst materials you can use. Not only are timber garden rooms and sheds noisy to walk around but they are pretty useless if you want to use one as a garden studio to practice the guitar. At least they are if you don’t wish to annoy your neighbours!

Keeping a structure insulated is all about adding mass to walls and ceilings. At least 2 layers of breeze block should be used with a cavity in between. This will perform considerably better than using timber.

Once construction is complete all you need to do then is install extra soundproofing onto the internal walls to further reduce the amount of noise escaping from the walls.

The weakest areas where sound is likely to escape are windows. As most of us like to have a window to gaze through, this should be double glazed and sealed correctly to stop sound escaping through.
The best solution is to have no windows but this often isn’t practical for other reasons.

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Could Your Fireplace Be The Source Of Your Noise Issues?

If you are noticing that noise from your neighbours is worse during the evenings when they are watching TV then the culprit could be thin walls around your fireplace.

This was the case recently when we were asked how to advise on this issue.

TV’s are often placed above TVs in terraced housing with the chimney breast providing an ideal area to hang a tv from the wall. Of course this wasn’t the case in the old days when people simply sat their TVs on a stand which was usually a few feet away from the wall.

To exacerbate the problem, some older terraced housing may have alcoves which were once popular places to display ornaments and so on. These areas will not have the extra layer of brock you see around the chimney breast therefore sound can more easily find its way through.

So often the way to reduce noise levels is simply to add soundproofing to the areas where the wall is at its thinnest to improve insulation against your neighbour’s noisy TV and any other noise that may be coming through the wall.

For more advice on sound insulation and sound proofing in your home, contact us today.

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